10 Local Dishes You Have to Try in Warangal

10 Local Dishes You Have to Try in Warangal
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August 18, 2022

The second largest city in Telangana State offers excellent sightseeing, eye-catching natural wonders, remarkable architecture, and lip-smacking stomach-churning cuisine. Spice up the tour with some delicious Warangal dishes. Warangal is known for spicy food; it doesn’t matter if your dietary habits are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Warangal gastronomy caters to Meat lovers and vegetarians.

Warangal cuisine is a typical Telangana cuisine with a profound influence on Afghan and Persian dishes. For instance, Biryani and Haleem are an integral part of Warangal cuisine. The remarkable history of the Telangana region starts from Kakatiya’s rule to Delhi Sultanate and includes Qutub Shahi to Asaf Jahi. All these great rulers have influenced art, architecture, music, and most important – CUISINE.

Warangal Udupi-style rich breakfast includes upma, vada, dosa, and idly.

 10 Best dishes In Warangal

 1. Golichina Mamsam

 Let’s begin with something traditional to Telangana in general and Warangal in particular. Golichina Mamsam is quite a popular meat dish prepared from lamb meat. The word Golichina itself means to fry in the Telugu language. There is a traditional flavor to it with plenty of local spices. Savor this mouthwatering dish with paratha or rice.

 2. Oorru Kodi Pulusu

 It is a chicken curry which is masala base and spicy. A real treat with all the exotic spices. This flavored country chicken curry is healthy, desi, and spicy. South Indians, especially from the Telugu land, love spicy, and relishing well-prepared spicy country chicken is something special.

 3. Guddu Pulusu

 Try delicious Egg Stew, which is spicy, tasty, and tangy. Tanginess and tartness are highly preferred in the Telangana region. Thereby, mango, tamarind, peanuts, and corn are used a lot. Enjoy the dish with chapati or rice. Anyone traveling to this part of the world should certainly try this dish in Warangal.

4. Gongura Chana Dal 

 You cannot ignore dal from any Indian cuisine. It is indeed a staple Indian diet. Gongura Chana Dal is prepared in spices, curry leaves, and mustard. It is a popular vegetarian dish and a counterpart to Gongura Ghosht. The most distinctive feature of this dish is the Gongura (sorrel leaves).

Gongura (sorrel leaves) brings a different flavor and enriches the taste. Apart from the taste, Gongura leaves are good for health and a great source of iron and vitamin A&C.

5. Mirch ka Salan

The word curry was originated in India and used around the world. It is part of the English vocabulary. Curry is a South East Asian dish and is quite integral to Indian cuisine. Mirch ka Salan is quite popular in Telangana. This delectable dish would smite anyone who loves spice. The mesmerizing fragrance and the tamarind pulp provide the additional zing. The chilies blend well with the paste. Relish this delectable dish with rice, chapatti, or paratha.

6. Hotel Shreya Restaurant’s Biryani

 The moment you think about Biryani, it ought to be Hyderabadi. The same Hyderabadi taste with exceptional ambiance can be found at Hotel Shreya in Warangal. The customer service is outstanding, and the unique taste of Hyderabad is maintained.

It is quite fascinating that Hyderabadi Biryani gained all the recognition. It is because of myriad ingredients and careful preparation. The fragrance is enticing, and the taste is amazing. The meat used in preparing this cuisine is lamb or chicken.

Besides, Biryani brings plenty of history; it must’ve originated in Persia or some part of North India, but the real abode is Hyderabad Telangana and other cities in proximity like Warangal.

7. Baghare Baigan

 There might be plenty of Brinjal recipes, but Warangal Baghare Baigan is folklore. The delicious Baghare Baigan blends with coconut and peanuts; the gravy is delectable. Rice and chapatis are quite ubiquitous in Indian cuisine, and Baghare Baigan can be enjoyed with chapatis and rice.

8. Ulavacharu 

 Relish this classic regional dish from Warangal. The credit for this delicious dish goes to the kitchens of the farmers. The recipe is a combination of cooked lentil water and, tamarind paste & spices. In the regional language, it is rasam or gravy.

9. Desserts in Warangal

 You should never miss desserts in the southern part of India. Especially during festivities, relish hot jalebis or enjoy the Pharda Pheni crispy wafer sweet. Sugar Madugulu is another sweet dish enjoyed by locals. The ingredients include butter, milk, and sugar coat.

 10. Arintikaya Banana Pulusu

 If you believe that a ripe banana should only be eaten as fruit then you are mistaken. Arintikaya Banana Pulusu is a curry prepared with raw bananas and spices that include jaggery and tamarind. This particular dish has interesting ingredients and a pleasant taste. It is easy to prepare and, at the same time tempting for taste buds. This traditional South Indian cuisine should be tried by every backpacker.

Anyone traveling to this part of the world should certainly try this Best Dishes in Warangal.

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